Contact Tango mit Lydia

Contact Tango is an exploration of the encounter between two creative dance forms: contact improvisation and tango. By using principles of this two styles, we find new ways of dancing in connection with freedom, joy and creativity.

Let yourself being moved by the rhythms, melodies and energies of tango and get inspired by the free flow of contact improvisation.

No previous experience and fixed partner necessary. Tango dancers, contact dancers, free dancers and even non-dancers are welcome! Enjoy to move!

Lydia Müller is a professional dancer and dance teacher from Germany and Holland now based in Portugal. She has been working in several professional dance companies and interactive streettheater performances. She has been performing together with Ezequiel Sanucci with Tango Now and is choreographing her own children dancetheater performances. Lydia has been teaching contact improvisation, contemporary dance, Argentine tango, contact tango, African dance, yoga; meditation and more from children to adults. She is guiding and organizing dance retreats in Germany, Holland, Portugal and La Palma.
Lydia’s quality in teaching is to guide the whole group into a journey of creativity, playfulness and joy.
Lydia is a creative person expressing herself through dance, movement, improvisation, connection, music and being a pure, enthousiaste human being.

Contact Tango video of Lydia & Ezequiel

WANN 22.-24. März // Freitag 18-21 / Samstag 11-17 / Sonntag 11-16

WO RAUMÄNDERUNG! wir sind in der Waldorfschule Darmstadt-Eberstadt, Arndtstraße 6 – im Eurythmieraum 1. Stock / rechter Seiteneingang bei der Schreinerei

125€ Frühbucher bei Anmeldung & überweisung bis 1.3.
130€ Regulär bei Anmeldung bis 8.3.
140€ Regulär
15€ Ermäßigung wenn du den Event auf Facebook teilst u. 25 Leute einlädst oder einen Freund mitbringst
10€ Ermäßigung wenn du Student /Arbeitslos bist

für 12€ Übernachtung pro Nacht im Studio möglich

INFOS & ANMELDUNG: // 015773515834